Colour of Shoes to Wear with Your Suits

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Colour of Shoes to Wear with Your Suits featured image

Colour of Shoes to Wear with Your Suits

Colour of Shoes to Wear with Your Suits featured image



When you’re looking to match your suit with a pair of formal shoes, say for a wedding or other important event, there are a couple of things you need to remember when it comes to the colors. Certain colored suits work well with different colored shoes. It’s actually quite easy to get your head around the color matching.

Colour Shoes to Wear with a Black Suit

Black shoes.

Unfortunately, as not many colors are really going to work. The whole black suit brown shoe combination won’t work very well, as brown is just too light and can look odd in contrast. Red dress shoes are too harsh and even if you go for a dark shade like oxblood, you still risk looking a little too heavy. White dress shoes will never work. The only combination that’s really going to work perfectly is black.

Black dress shoes are one of the richest and most beautiful shoes you can slip on your feet, and you can actually change up the feeling of your suit a lot depending on the shape of them and the materials they’re made out of.


Adam Gallagher wears a black tuxedo on the streets of New York / PHOTO CREDIT: I Am Galla




Colour Shoes to Wear with a Navy Suit

Black shoes, brown shoes, and burgundy shoes go with a navy colored suit.

Navy is a much more versatile suit color than black, allowing you to match it with a wider range of colored shoes. There aren’t really any shoes that won’t go with a navy suit – you can even pull off a clean, beautiful look with a pair of white trainers if you want to go for a more casual feeling. Navy blue suit and brown shoes are a classic; a blue suit and brown shoes, or navy suit and brown shoe combination make a light, summer-friendly look.







A blogger wears a navy suit with brown shoes PHOTO CREDIT: HeSpoke





Colour Shoes to Wear with a Grey Suit

Black shoes and burgundy shoes go with a grey suit.

Again, this is a really versatile suit color to be wearing. The only trip up is that there are so many shades of grey and the tones can affect what colors match with them. The great thing about grey suits is that they go with any skin tone, they aren’t as heavy as black, but they still give a formal, smooth and shiny look.

Dark Grey Suits

Dark grey suits come with a small restraint as, like with black suits, brown shoes won’t really as work well with them. Apart from black shoes, burgundy is another great choice, giving off the same warm tone but matching more easily with darker shades.


Light Grey Suits

Light to mid-grey suits are easily paired with any color shoe, from your black to light brown dress shoes, so you should have no worries finding the right shoe for your suit here. Light colored shoes can help give your suit a summery, easy feeling, whereas darker colors will bring out the formality of your look by toning down the suit. Light grey can actually benefit from the warm tone of brown, with the color helping the balance out the overall look.

Colour Shoes to Wear with a Cream or Light grayish-brown Suit

Cream or light grayish-brown suits are usually reserved for the summer months, with them usually made from linen or light cotton. Because of this, you want to go for a light colored shoe that’s going to compliment the look of the suit. The best style to go for is something equally light as it will match with the summery feeling.



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