How To Combine Comfort And Style With A Hoodie

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Hoodies are a comfortable staple in every man’s wardrobe, they can be dressed up or down depending on your mood and this guide will show you how.

Now the hoodie can often be seen as the uniform of the ‘dangerous yoof’, and has garnered a bit of a bad reputation. However, with a collection of fits, colors, and sizes, you don’t have to throw on one that covers your whole face and warps your form, and you can dress up a hoodie to suit a range of styles.

With thousands of people wearing one every day, it didn’t take long for massive brands to take hold of the design and run with it, and you can go as simple or bold as you like. The hoodie can be one of the most versatile pieces in your wardrobe, all you need is a few pointers on how to style it up.

Types of Hoodies

There are a few different types of hoodies you can go for depending on what kind of look you want to go for and the occasion.

  • Pullover hoodie: No zip, no fuss. Usually has lacing in the hood so you can tighten it at will. The shape is loose so it’s easy for you to pull it on.
  • Zip up hoodie: What it says on the tin – a clean line hoodie with a zip down the middle. Can be more slim fitting so is a good choice if you’re looking to do a lot of layering.
  • Half-zip hoodie: Less common, but a good halfway house between a pullover and a zip up. Has a zip from your neck to the middle of your torso, giving you more room to pull your hoodie on, and meaning it can be a little slimmer fitting.
black hoodie mens street style
You can’t go wrong with a simple black hoodie. PHOTO CREDIT: Pause



zip-up hoodie is almost a necessity when it comes to a sporty look with how easy it is to layer and remove. If you’re on a run or at the gym you’re going to need something to cover yourself up when you first start exercising, but that’s easily removed when you start to warm up. A basic zip up hoodie is ideal for this, and a neutral grey one will go with a range of sportswear, including joggers and even shorts.

It’s a good idea to have a few budget ones that you can easily throw into your gym bag, as keeping warm after a workout helps encourage muscle gain, so not only will your hoodie keep you looking stylish, but will buff. It’s a win-win.

Black hoodie mens street style
A black hoodie is an easy option for a simple sporty look.
PHOTO CREDIT: Carmencitta


Denim Layering

You can keep your look easy and relaxed by pairing your hoodie with a light colored denim jacket. Try to keep the main focus on your jacket, and use the hoodie to complement the coloring and style. You can go for either a zip hoodie or a pullover, depending on what look you want to go for, and it’s then just as easy as pulling on some black skinnies and a pair of lace-up boots.

For a summer look, we’d recommend going with lighter colors, such as a light blue denim jacket, and a grey or white jacket. The two tones will compliment one another and give your outfit an effortlessly stylish finish.

grey hoodie denim jacket mens street style
Light blue denim jacket.
PHOTO CREDIT: Meanwhile in Awsometown


For winter you can go for richer colors, and a dark grey or black denim jacket can be paired with a burgundy jacket for a unique twist on the classic denim look. Again, you can finish the look with some skinnies and boots, and you’ll have yourself an outfit that’s easy to throw on, and is a little more eye-catching than the standard winter wear.


Everyone should have a leather jacket. They’re perfect for adding a statement edge to a standard outfit and go with a surprising amount of styles. A hoodie under a leather jacket is an easy style piece and can be dressed up in a number of ways. You can, of course, go for the heavier biker style, matching a thick, detailed jacket with a black hoodie and matching it with some black jeans and boots or Converse. This a look that you can’t really get wrong, and you can easily mix it up with different footwear, a more or less detailed jacket, or various styles of hoodies.

white hoodie mens street stlye
Layer a hoodie under a leather jacket for a contemporary look.


If the all-black look is a little intense then it’s easy to change up the look of your hoodie, going for a lighter grey or a subdued color instead. Don’t go for anything too bright as this will clash awkwardly with the understated sleekness of your jacket. A burgundy or dark blue are two good options though and will compliment your look without drawing too much attention away from the jacket.


Probably more of a modern way to wear a hoodie, but the bomber is back and isn’t going anywhere soon. With its unique, close fit collar it can be a little tricky to layer something that’s high neck underneath it, but if you leave your jacket open you’ll obtain an interesting layered look without it looking bulky feeling too constricting.

mens street style supreme jacket supreme hoodie supreme hat supreme wallet air uptempo-min
Supreme hoodie with a bomber jacket
PHOTO CREDIT: Tokyo Fashion


As bomber jackets come in a range of materials, there’s a range of styles you can go for. For a lighter look choose a thin nylon bomber and pair with a zip-up hoodie to keep everything breathable. You can also go for a heavier leather jacket, and layer it up with a pullover hoodie.

Because of the shape of the body, you can pair it with different kinds of fits, from the alternative skinny fit to the relaxed straight leg. Dress it up according to preference, as the bomber jacket is a versatile piece that complements a variety of fits.

How to Wear a Hoodie

  • Hoodies are ideal for winter and are extremely versatile. Pair your hoodie with a bomber or leather jacket for an urban look.
  • A zip-up hoodie gives a clean, slim-fitting look which is ideal for layering, while a pullover hoodie is loose and comfortable.
  • Whether you choose to wear your hoodie with a denim jacket or you want to keep your look sporty, you can’t go wrong with throwing a pair of skinny jeans into the mix.
  • Wearing a hoodie under a bomber jacket gives a more contemporary layered look.
  • As far as footwear is concerned, trainers are always a great option. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t go for a pair of boots instead.
what to wear with a hoodie for men
Black hoodie and dark jeans.
PHOTO CREDIT: Chrome Industries

On That Note

The humble hoodie is a piece that’s underrated and not usually worn in a stylish way. Break away from the idea of it as a boring item that’s difficult to style, and see it instead as a versatile piece that can be incorporated into various outfits. Keep a few light colored ones for the summer, and some thicker, darker colored ones for the autumn and winter months, ready for layering and adding some interest to your outfit.

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