Cooking oil 101: How to choose the right oil for your recipe (INFOGRAPHIC)

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types of cooking oil

Everything you need to know about cooking oil

It seems like every month we’re hearing about a new oil on the market — coconut, palm, hemp. But with all the hype about each oil, it can be tough to know which one to use for which purpose.

While not technically oils, butter, vegetable shortening, and lard are also common cooking fats, and just like their very close cousins (maybe more like half-siblings), they have their own properties as well.

This infographic has everything you need to know about cooking with oil (and other fats) from a culinary standpoint so you’re never stuck with a hot mess (literally) trying to substitute something healthier (or even just trendier) that won’t work for that purpose.

Everything you need to know about cooking oil

General storage tip

The shelf life may depend on a number of factors, especially for oils stored at room temperature. If you live in extremely hot or cold climates, that may affect either the consistency of the stored oil or the actual shelf life. If your oil ever tastes bitter, it’s probably rancid and shouldn’t be used, but if it’s just extra thick (or thin), it may be the room temperature, and as long as it tastes OK, the oil is fine and may even go back to “normal” when it’s back at room temperature.


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