9 Classic Shirt and Jeans Combinations For Every Wardrobe

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9 Classic Shirt and Jeans Combinations For Every Wardrobe

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When combining shirt and jeans, there are some simple rules you have to follow;

– Avoid making the outfit too busy – if the bottoms are bright then wear a more neutral color on top and the other way around, too

– Don’t wear super skinny jeans if you’re a little larger, choose a pair of straight or one made thinner at the end.

– Double denim is a great popular item that is easy to get correct – do not be afraid!

Keep loose, with a lot of material, upset, or light wash jeans for the daytime. It is very hard, if not impossible, to make this style look smart enough for evening wear


  1. White Shirt and Jeans

The blue jeans and white shirt combination will never ever go out of fashion. If you’re having one of those days where you simply don’t know what to wear, wearing a white shirt with a pair of jeans will do just fine.

Whiteshirtjeans design





  1. White Shirt and Black Jeans

The same rules apply to the white shirt and black jeans combo. Sometimes the easiest and simplest solutions are also the most reliable and we often forget that they’re always in front of our eyes. Your favorite black jeans and slim fit white shirt are a true example of this.

White Shirt And Black Jeans


  1. Checked Shirt and Jeans

Now, checked shirts can often to be connected with more casual outfits. However, if you pick the right colors and pattern, a checked shirt can actually bring an interesting dimension to a formal look.

If you want to look less casual, pick a darker color like navy. This will give your outfit a less strong and more simplified look.


  1. Denim Shirt and Black Jeans

If you’re not quite feeling a full-on double denim look then you can choose a pair of black jeans. You want to have both the style and the comfort of jeans, so keeping them black will help give a formal, quiet look. You can also go for grey, as it’ll complement the blue tone of the denim.



  1. Navy Shirt and Black Jeans

Avoid matching your navy blue shirt with an overly dark pair of denim. With navy being a deep shade of blue, it’ll unavoidably absorb most of the light and so will your jeans. The dark colors allow the outfit to flow nicely from head to toe – it looks neat and well put together.




  1. Shirt and Slim-fit Jeans

Skinny jeans should generally be kept for informal occasions, so they’re best avoided when you need to look smart. We suggest you stick to slim fit, which will give you the perfect combination of comfort, along with a little custom-designed look.

Shirt and Slim-fit Jeans




Shirt and Slim-fit Jeans Under Armour
Under Armour


Shirt and Slim-fit Jeans M&B


Shirt and Slim-fit Jeans Kayden.K


  1. Casual Double Denim

It’s time to take a closer at the feared casual double-denim look. It’s not for everyone, but if done correctly, can create an interesting and different look. For the shirts, you can really pick whatever denim you want, but if you want a more uniformed look then choose one that’s lighter than your jeans, as overall, a light top half with a darker bottom looks more balanced.




casual-double-denim Plaid&Plain


casual-double-denim Haggar jeans
Haggar jeans


casual-double-denim lethmik


  1. What Goes With Grey Jeans

Grey jeans are an excellent choice for your usual blue or black jeans and can give a touch of lightness to your outfit without going as far as wearing white jeans. Grey jeans are just as versatile as other denim and when paired with a colored shirt, you can create a nice contrast with these matching colors.


What Goes With Grey Jeans



What Goes With Grey Jeans Coofandy


What Goes With Grey Jeans Calvin Klein
Calvin Klein


What Goes With Grey Jeans Nudie Slim Fit
Grey Jeans Nudie



  1. What to Wear With Light Blue Jeans

When it comes to light blue jeans, it really depends on what top you go for. For a jean that will match most tops, go for a pair that has a straight leg and relaxed fit. We love to dress a pair of jeans up with the addition of a blazer. Add some chunky boots to the mix and you’ll have yourself a modern look or an original classic which is the perfect look for a date.




What to Wear With Light Blue Jeans Fensajomon


What to Wear With Light Blue Jeans Open Rips
Jeans Open Rips


What to Wear With Light Blue Jeans PARC City




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