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13 Amazing makeup tips for brown eyes


Do you have brown eyes but do not know what to apply to enhance your beauty?

These tricks are just for you. In case you’re uncertain about the color of your eyes, take a look at the mirror to verify the color of your pupils. Brown eyes can be such a beauty when you apply the right eyeliner, eye shadows, mascara etc. Give your brown eyes a sharp contrast with these makeup tricks listed below.

1. Cat Eyeliner


The cat eyeliner is suitable for both daytime and evening occasions and enhances any eye shape or color! For steady precision and flawless results, go with a liquid eyeliner. For thin, meticulous lines, apply an eyeshadow primer or oil-free foundation beforehand. Sophisticated and unique, the cat eye is one of those classic looks bound to capture the attention of an entire room! We recommend that you make use of Lauren Taylor’s Liquid Eyeliner for ultra fine or bold lines.

2. Dark Mascara


Give your eyes some serious dimension by applying a couple of extra coats of mascara! Long, luscious lashes make brown eyes gorgeous, alluring, and mysterious. Because brown eyes contain multiple color tones, you don’t need dramatic mascara colors to create a beautiful contrast.

3. Bright Blue Liner


Most eye colors don’t have the ability to pull off the blue liner look, but brown eyes are too gorgeous, so they are exceptional. Blue illuminates and lightens the brown in your eyes and complements the rich tones and hues. Make use of a bright blue liner on your lower or upper lash lines for flaunt-worthy eyes that are simply electric. We recommend CoverGirl’s Perfect Blend Eye Pencil in Cobalt Blue; it is great for smoky looks and velvety-smooth smudges.

4. Navy Shadow and Liner


Deep blue is the best bet for daytime, office-appropriate cat eyes.It also animates brown eyes without looking severe (as black sometimes does). It creates a slight but eye-catching contrast.

5. Purple Liner


Stay away from regular black pencils and launch into the purple color. Plum ranks high on the list of alluring colors to pair with brown eyes. Violet shades enhance brown eyes, giving their hints and hues a magnificent effect. The jewel-like color is very complementary, with a perfect level of depth and richness to make your eyes sparkle. For smooth, sexy lines that last all day, we recommend that you give me Maybelline’s Line Stylist Eyeliner a try.

6. White Shimmer


People often overlook the power of white liners, dismissing them as too eccentric or clownish. In reality, the right amount of white can suit brown eyes beautifully, while giving off that subtle, sexy look. White shimmer highlights brown eyes, giving them a sparkling effect, in addition to making the whites in your eyes appear brighter. We love L.A. Minerals Shimmer Mineral Eye Shadow. Gorgeous, pearlescent shimmer gives your eyes that sparkling snow white effect and serves as a foolproof highlighter or eye brightener.

7. Eggplant Eyeshadow


Move up the color spectrum by swiping some eggplant eyeshadow on your lids. The purple shade complements gold undertones and helps them stand out beautifully. Revlon Colorstay Satin Eyeshadow in Eggplant will make the whites of your eyes appear brighter.

8. Gold Shadow


Simply put, warm metallics make brown eyes glisten. They highlight even the slightest hint of gold undertones.

9. Shimmery Green Shadow


Green will give you a very charming and catchy look. Emerald shadow gloriously complements brown eyes and brings out their hazel flecks, making them sparkle and shine. Cream, matte, metallic – whichever way you like it, the green shadow is a tote bag must-have for every brown eyed babe out there. For a vivid look, check out Milani Shadow Eyez Eyeshadow Pencil in Green Safari. The makeup tool is a shadow, eyeliner, and highlighter in one.

9. Cobalt Shadow

Due to the fact that Brown is a mix of all the primary colors, there are a lot of options. Therefore, we recommend a vibrant blue shadow, like Estée Lauder Pure Color Gelée Powder Eyeshadow in Fire Sapphire, for rich, dark brown eyes.

10. Copper Shadow


Warm up a neutral shadow shade such as bone or taupe, with a layer of copper shadow on the outer halves of your lids. It will highlight your eye color, and the shimmer will add a little texture.

11. Metallic Shades


Flaunt those brown beauties with metallic shades! These shimmery tones contrast strikingly against brown eyes, drawing a lot of attention to the color and causing them to glow. Perfect for a night out, metallic makeup is an absolute must when you want to hit the town and make a statement. This Metallic Eye Shadow Cosmetic Kit. It comes with multiple colors made of high-quality ingredients for a lasting, silky shine you’ll adore.

12. Natural Shades


More often than not, people tend to shove aside their neutrals to avoid looking bland and all. In reality, these organic tones have quite the opposite effect, enhancing color and giving them a stunning finish. Natural shades can bring out the color in your eyes while giving off that sexy, effortless vibe. When it comes to nude colors, you can’t go wrong with W7’s “ In the Buff. ” The 12-toned palette comes with a gorgeous spectrum of natural colors ranging from pale to deep. Brown eyes already have dimension to them, so pairing them with neutral colors will help them stand out.

13. Concealer


This terrific tip will have you fooling everyone into thinking you got a full night’s beauty sleep even if you’re running on none! Dark circles detract from brown eyes. Concealer banishes undereye circles and brings out those baby browns, especially in the light. Simply spot some concealer underneath your bottom lids and watch your eyes go from blah to bold. For flawless coverage every time, we recommend Avon’s Concealer Stick.

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