15 Tiny Ways To Make Him Feel Special Every Month

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15 Tiny Ways To Make Him Feel Special Every Month

15 Tiny Ways To Make Him Feel Special Every Month

Well, over time people have had a rather primitive misconception about care and who gives it in a relationship. Most believe it is the responsibility of the man to care and pamper the lady.

The term “chivalry” has been solely attached to men and as a matter of fact, it is a must-have trait for a gentleman.

However, who said only boys can pamper girls? Girls can make their boyfriend feel better and special too so he can be sure of her love for him. What is love if it cannot be expressed?

Are you ready to learn? Let’s begin

  1. It’s understandable that both of you want to hear each other talk every day, so all you do is make all those long calls. But, do you really know how it feels to read a handwritten note from the love of your life? I won’t tell you. Try doing this and am sure you will be captivated by the expression on his face.
  2. As much as guys don’t like admitting it, sweet things are a good companion. Have you ever thought about sending him that delicious cake you baked? Try this and you will melt his heart away. Just try it.
  3. Here comes the selfie part. You know how fascinated girls are at taking a selfie, like ten, twenty pictures per click? Well, do you have the first selfie you took together? Its time you revisted your memories and send him a picture from one of the occasions you both attended together and be prepared to receive load of love.
  4. Send him a naughty message during those lonely nights when the weather is lovely and he will come running to you.

  5. Are you cheesy? Then put one of that captured side of you on social media and see his reaction.
  6. Love is all about happiness. No matter how far you are to each other, distance shouldn’t stop you from enjoying a meme. Send him your favorite and have a good laugh about it.
  7. Throw him an unexpected surprise, gatecrash at his place with his favorite meal and he will never forget that. Remember, the way to a man’s heart is his stomach.
  8. You know guys respect their friends as much as they love their girlfriends. We know you love your privacy and it means the whole world to you. However, guys love it when girls consider their friends, so invite his friends over to dinner without telling him. He would be pleased and overwhelmed.
  9. Make him feel special on his special day, cut out sticky notes and write it all over the place, let him see it.
  10. You donty have to hand him a key to a 2019 ford to show how much you love him. Even cute little cards with quirky messages can make his day.
  11. He may be handsome and maybe the most dressed man you have ever seen. But don’t let all your appreciation be on his looks alone, let him know how confident he is and how much you believe in his strengths and abilities.
  12. Occasions might arise when both of you will be busy, either at work and occupied with other things. You might not want to disturb him but you do want to keep in touch. Send him a text to let him know he is in your mind and even the day could not rub him off. This will also make him feel secure.

  13. It is important in a relationship that you both know about your likes and dislikes. Is there a film he loves and wants to watch with you? Or his favorite team is playing a championship game? Then here’s your chance to propose that you do it one day. It means a lot to him and he will love you even more than that.
  14. He knows he is handsome and hunk, he does need an ego massage once in a while, coming from his girl will make him feel better about it. Complement him on his attractive features, let him know what attracted you to him. It could be his tall height, his sexy eyes. Just let him know once in a while.
  15. Do you have a scrapbook with pictures of the two of you shot in ddifferent places at different occasions with a short description of what happened that day? I know you are not a romantic fool or an emotional one but memories are forever. So no matter how silly, cherishing these memories does matter later.

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