How to Dice an Onion Like a Chef – A 30 Second Visual Guide

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How to Dice an Onion-Like a Chef – A 30 Second Visual Guide


How To Dice An Onion-Like A Chef – Your 30 Second Guide

1. Slice off top

2. Cut in half lengthwise, peel.

3. Slice onion lengthwise – leave the root intact to hold the slices together

4. Make 1-2 horizontal cuts

5. Cut across onion, top to bottom – when you get near the root end, push the onion half on its face and finish cutting

Did you know, the onion plant has been selectively cultivated for 7,000 years?

But which onion do you use?

Yellow – Good for use in everyday cooking dishes

White – Sharp and crunchy, these are ideal for salsas, and often used in Mexican dishes

Red – Milder but present flavor, adds color to a dish and used raw for dishes like salads and burgers

Sweet – Milder flavor, sweet and crisp. Good for salads and sandwiches

Shallots – Common in French cooking, shallots are sweet with less acidity and retain flavor in reductions


This article first appeared on Primer Magazine

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