Homemade Pregnancy Tests & When To Take Them

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Homemade Pregnancy Tests & When To Take Them

Homemade Pregnancy Tests & When To Take Them

When you think you may be pregnant, you just want to know.

Like, now.

Potential mothers will eagerly be anticipating the confirmation of their pregnancy, so that they can declare their joy of expecting the little love they are soon to be blessed with. Before visiting a doctor, however, some may opt for a good old-fashioned homemade pregnancy test to take the edge of their impatience. Now we’re well aware that there are quite a few helpful, commercial pregnancy test kits being sold in the market. But the natural way always ups commercial in terms of saving bucks and most importantly, you probably don’t want to run into your nosy neighbor at the pharmacy. Read on to know all about making homemade pregnancy tests in a jiffy:


  1. The Toothpaste Test

Your trusty old toothpaste isn’t just limited to polishing those pearly whites and getting rid of that occasional acne. Though a little warning, it’s only the traditional, all-white toothpaste that works in this test. If it’s one of those fancy gel or colored toothpaste in your bathroom, you may need to skip this one.

Now, here comes in the science. Simply get a hold of your urine sample in a container, which you’ve ensured is clean (before obtaining that urine sample of course, because after- well, you get the point). Next, mix 2 tablespoons of simple, white toothpaste into that container. If the mixture happens to turn a shade of blue- Congratulations, your partner and you are you expecting!


  1. The Bleach Test

This test is also perfect in terms of using handy old items from your very own kitchen. Or bathroom. Or wherever it is that you store your bleach.

Once again all you require for this test is roughly a cup of good ol’ bleach, any clean container and your urine that may (or may not) contain pregnancy hormones. Disclaimer: You need to conduct this test in an open space though since you will be handling bleach.

So let’s get started! Simply add a cup of bleach to the clean container. Now, pour in your urine sample and mix the two well. If this mixture forms a foam- Hurray! You’re going to be a mommy!


  1. The Sugar Test

Another test that doesn’t require you to make any supermarket runs, simply raid your kitchen supplies for some run-of-the-mill sugar.

For this test, all you have to do is to add close to 3 teaspoons of white sugar into a clean bowl. Now add in, you guessed it, your urine sample.

Disclaimer: If you are uncomfortable with the prospect of collecting your urine, you could opt to directly urinate into the bowl.  Once you’ve done this, wait for around 5 minutes. If your sugar crystals remain intact, i.e. not dissolved, this indicates- you’re having a baby!


  1. The Dandelion Leaves Test

If on the off chance you happen to have access to some dandelion leaves, then baby we’re in business. Collect those leaves that don’t happen to be directly facing the Sun. Leaves from this plant that happen to grow in some shade are ideal for this test. Once you have obtained the said leaves, ensure that they aren’t exposed to direct sunlight.

Now, place close to 2 cups of the collected leaves in a clean container. Then proceed to mix in the urine sample you collected as well, allow the leaves to fully soak in the urine. Now, wait patiently, for roughly 10 minutes. If you happen to notice red bumps or blisters develop on the leaves then, well, you’re a crazy scientist. And you’re also pregnant!


  1. The Latch Test

This test will require you to fetch a latch. Yes, a latch.

So if you happen to have one lying around, then this test will be a piece of cake. Place the latch into a clean container then proceed to mix in your urine sample. Now, wait for roughly 3 hours. If you happen to notice the impression of your latch upon the base of your container- Kudos to you girl! Tell your man he’s about to be a daddy!


  1. The Pine-Sol Test


For this test, simply grab the cleaning agent Pine-Sol, which happens to comprise pine oil. Pour 1 cup of this agent into a bowl then add your urine sample. Mix well. If the color of your solution changes- Hello, mommy!


  1. The Soap Test

Simply add some soapy water to your urine sample in a bowl. Do you see bubbles forming in reaction? Congratulations! You’re starting a family!


When Should You Take These Tests?

These tests work because they can detect human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) aka the pregnancy hormone, produced by your placenta, soon after you become pregnant. For accurate results, use your first urine sample from the day. You can take the test(s) the day you miss your periods; however, waiting for a week and then taking the test(s) will give you best results. These homemade tests are nearly 97% accurate when performed correctly. If these tests aren’t positive but you still happen to be experiencing pregnancy-related symptoms- repeat the test a week later or simply contact your physician.

Ok, ok, you can go now. We know you’re impatient to try these easy-breezy homemade pregnancy tests and finally know for sure. Best of luck potential mommy-to-be!

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