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Most women still encounter hitches exfoliating dead skin cells even after using pore-clotting cleansers and facial wipes in removing makeup totally. Although, they seem to work, why is it that they are not effective in cleaning the pores? According to Celebrity aesthetician, Renee Rouleau, cleansing wipes are only capable of breaking down debris within the pores. In other words, they do not go a tad further in rinsing the debris from the face. They raise dirt and built up oil out of the facial pores but are not capable of rinsing them. You may compare that to using a facial scrub and not washing it off or refusing to rinse your clothes after washing with soap.

As a result, the exfoliation of dead skin cells becomes a burden. So you may begin to wonder why facial brush seems to be the genesis in town. This handheld cleansing device prods deeper in unclogging your pores and in the process, exfoliating dead skin cells better and more effectively.

How effective can they really be?

This device has a rotating brush head that refines the skin to the recesses, enhancing your true complexion and bringing out the smooth and delicate touch in a clean skin. The vibrating bristles need to work at a particular frequency to scrub your face efficiently and releasing oil buildup effortlessly.

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Women who have had sore encounters while using facial brushes often tend to dissuade others from trying them out and a good many falls for their negative narratives hook line and sinker. There was a trending video on youtube of a woman who used her facial brush four times a week. After doing that, she then applies a facial scrub to complete her therapy. Her experience was a sorry case and the reason is not far-fetched. Dermatologists basically recommend exfoliating once a week. This lady was doing hers four times a week. Anything you do in excess brings a negative result.

This is not meant to downplay the usefulness of facial brush as an exfoliating treatment. Moderation is the key to bringing the best out of it. To obtain a smooth and soothing skin, complement your facial brush with a cleanser and observe the routine at least twice in a week. Please note that it is dangerous to use an exfoliant scrub with a facial brush. If you belong to the class of those who are involved in such dual therapies, your actions can be likened to cutting an orange with two knives simultaneously. You are most likely doing your face more harm than good.

Finally, make it a habit to wash your brush often. By so doing, you will be preventing it from being a cesspool of bacteria. Proper washing with soap or alcohol keeps the brush in good shape.

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