8 Best Skipping Ropes In 2018 – Burn Calories 🎯🎯🎯

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8 best skipping ropes fatured

8 Best Skipping Ropes

Skipping can give you a full body workout with just a turn of the rope, stretching out your upper body in the process. Skipping ropes are usually not expensive and a small kit can go a long way in keeping you fit.

Skipping ropes are available in different lengths and are very adjustable. To determine what length of rope you should use, simply stand in the middle of the rope. With feet together, the handles should reach between your waist and your lower ribs. The rope is too long if the handles extend up to your shoulders. If they come below your waist, it’s too short.

Skipping ropes come in a variety of materials. These include; PVC, leather, hard plastic beads and wire. While leather was popular back in the day, it was very durable, The difference between it and materials like the PVC, beads and wire is that while these materials will last longer when used outdoors, the leather will last longer when used indoors.

Skipping ropes comes in so many forms and so many varieties exist. In order to prevent problems of indecisions, we have compiled a list of 8 best skipping ropes.

  1. Lonsdale Leather Skipping Rope

Lonsdale Leather Skipping Rope

This was popular in the past, especially with boxers. That is one reason why this light, leather rope could help improve coordination and flexible athletic ability. It is useful for an intense cardio workout and the leather is very durable. It is not adjustable but it is very convenient. The rope has comfortable foam handles and is also weighted, which is great if your fitness goals revolve around strength training or weight loss.

  1. Tangram Smart Rope

Tangram Smart Rope

This is a LED-embedded jump rope that clearly displays your fitness data – such as calories burned, time went by or a number of jumps. Too much? Nope, it is just perfect. Two sets of ball bearings in each handle makes it easy to rotate the rope. You can pair it with the Smart Gym app. Linking to an app helps to build motivation. Although comfortable, the chrome handles did not offer the best grip. Even with this, a pair of gym gloves would easily fix. The electrical storage device life is 36 hours on a two-hour charge.

  1. Reebok Premium Speed Rope

Reebok Premium Speed Rope

For fast movements, this skipping rope is the best. Its lightweight and the ball bearing within the handles ensure smooth action. The textured grip is decent, but the handles are best suited for smaller hands. One pro is that the rope is adjustable. It has a 3m durable coated steel cable. Β 

  1. Lifeline Power Jump Rope

Lifeline Power Jump Rope

This is a thin rope covered with plastic beads. It is designed to be well-balanced, as the beads are helpful with this, making it way easier to jump with. The handles are incredibly comfortable. The aerodynamics of the rope really works against you, providing a hard and effective workout. It is probably the best jump rope choice for beginners, as the louder sound of the beads hitting the floor really helps you to find your rhythm.

  1. RDX Adjustable Skipping Rope

RDX Adjustable Skipping Rope

The lightweight design of this rope ensures no restriction in movement when skipping. The handle grips are really good, and the swivelling allows for rapid jumping. This rope is ideally suited for anyone looking to lose weight or build stamina. It is also easily adjustable through the use of a screwdriver.

  1. Lonsdale Club Skipping Rope

Lonsdale Club Skipping Rope

The Lonsdale Club Skipping Rope is light and made of nylon. This is not adjustable but still, it is easy to use. It is not suited to those with large hands. It’s a solid choice for anyone looking to try skipping for the first time as a weight-loss tool.

  1. John Lewis Digital Skipping Rope


This has an LCD display, which keeps count of how many jumps you have completed. This can be a great motivational tool as you can record the number per workout and see how you progress over time. The handles are a mixture of plastic and rubber and they are fairly comfortable. They were surprisingly lightweight, despite the technology built inside it. The rope length was easily adjustable and required no tools.

  1. Pro-Box Heavy Weight Speed Rope


This skipping rope is very easy to use. It provides a good balance between cost and quality. It is useful in helping to increase stamina, tone muscles and improve footwork. The foam handles rotate so the rope spins freely. The handles themselves are very comfortable, thanks to the ergonomic design. The nylon rope is heavy, but this is excellent for building up strength via high-speed skipping. It’s not adjustable, but it is available in four sizes.Β 


It’s tough to select one skipping rope from the list above as they all cover such a variety of options. Selecting the right skipping rope is a balance between comfort, durability, technology and cost, making it difficult to pick just one skipping rope.



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