7 Best Astro Turf Football Boots

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7 best astro turf football boots featured imgae

7 Best Astro Turf Football Boots

With the five-a-side leagues up and down the country getting back into gear, very heavy rain to twisting and flowing winds, there is need for footwear that will help you to deliver your best.

When buying a new pair of astro turf boots, practicality is extremely important, but you will also be making a fashion statement. So we chose the not only in terms of how they help your game, but also by how they look. Here they are.

  1. Adidas Goletto Mens Astro Turf Trainers

Adidas Goletto Mens Astro Turf Trainers

The famous three-stripe logo gives it a no nonsense old-school look and the boots themselves provide strong protection and excellent grip in dry or wet weather. It also comes in a variety of colour.

  1. Nike HypervenomX Proximo II Dynamic Fit

The Hypervenom offers excellent all-round performance in all weather conditions. It is very light, so gives up a certain amount in protection to stray kicks. But the textured artificial leather makes for good control and the unique lacing system means striking the ball with the top of your foot feels easier. The ankle-height, sock-like design gives good support, too. Comes in citrus green or black.

  1. Adidas X Tango 16.1

More like a slipper than a traditional boot, the Adidas X-16 football boots feels unlike anything available to buy. It feels immediately comfortable as the insole molds to your foot. Control of the ball is excellent, it feels almost as if you’re playing in bare feet. The flip side is you don’t feel overly protected by any stray kicks. The very high top line means you will certainly be the center of attention.

  1. Under Armour UA CF Force 2.0

Very light yet well cushioned, Under Armour’s latest offering feels comfortable underfoot. What it gives up in attractiveness – a giant X on the side will not be to everyone’s liking, it more than makes up for in traction and control. The unusual rubber covering gives a textured feel and excellent grip on the ball. Comes in black or high-vis yellow.

  1. New Balance Visaro Control TF

A multi-coloured football boot built for the more confident five-a-side player, the Visaro is another light-weight boot offering a surprising amount of protection. The down side is the relative lack of grip, as the outsole lacks rubber studs as deep as its competitors. The synthetic upper does not offer fantastic grip in wetter conditions, but the off-centre lace design is good for ball striking with power.

  1. Puma EvoPower Vigor 4 TT

These comes with a unique fluorescent green styling. These football boots will help with good ball control. As the name would suggest, these boots are aimed at those after extra power in their shots, and we found it easy to get good connection with the ball when striking.

  1. New Balance Audazo Pro

The Audazo is an attractive, high-performance shoe with good breathability due to its distinctive collar and tongue design. It looks more like a tennis shoe than a football boot, but it nonetheless provides a good deal of comfort and protection. An unusual downside comes in the fact that getting lift on the ball is made more difficult due to the relatively raised outsole around the toe. Comes in white or blue colour schemes.


For all but the most serious five-a-side players, the Adidas Goletto provides maybe the best value for money.


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