5 Best Running Sunglasses Fully Reviewed in 2018

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5 Best Running Glasses

We all know that running is good for your body, but sometimes we need a little extra protection against various elements. Whether it is the rain, sun, wind or dust, a good pair of glasses is a must for frequent runners.

When choosing, you’ll need to think about how much running you’re doing and the conditions you plan to be out in. Lenses should offer up to 100 per cent UV protection but higher-end options will also be polarised in order to minimize angry stare. While some pairs come with replaceable lenses, others you will need to buy separately. If you’re worried about fit, look for grippers on the arms and nose to check they will stay on.

In terms of range, from budget single-lens pairs to top-of-the-range polarised options favoured by athletes, looking at lens quality, fit and any other technical features, we bring you a range of options.

  1. Dhb Ultralite Sunglasses

For runners on a budget, these are a versatile option. Though not so techy or as comfortable, these running glasses do the basics well; defending from rain and dust with 100 per cent UV protection. The smart venting keeps the lenses from steaming up during very hard runs and the rubber on the arms stops them moving too much when you’re in action. There are three lens options to choose from; dark, orange or clear, depending on light conditions.

  1. Endura Chukar Anti Fog Hydrophobic Multi Lens Glasses

These good-value glasses come with three replaceable lenses so you can switch them up to suit the conditions. They’re a comfortable fit thanks to the rubber nose piece and they don’t fog-up. Created to suit a variety of exercise, they provide 100 per cent UV protection. They are also useful on a bike.

  1. Sunwise Waterloo GS

Sunwise Waterloo GS

If you want serious sun protection, these have polarised photochromic lenses. The need to know: you get a super-clear view without angry stare and they will react to the light and become, more and more, darker as it gets brighter. They’re lightweight, durable and the rubber nose pads and on the arms keep them secure and comfortable.


  1. Adidas Evil Eye Evo

This techy pair of running glasses from Adidas have large mirrored lenses with more of a curve than most so you get a razor-sharp view of your route. The Evil Eye Evos offer another choice to the high-end Oakley range, especially for those who aren’t excited about the space-age styling of the Oakley series, and the adjustable nose pads and temples mean you can really fit them to your face, too.


  1. Oakley Radarlock Path

Oakley Radarlock Path

Oakley manages to fit a lot of technology into such a small piece of gear, providing the most advanced equipment available in this running glasses. The polarised lenses completely shut out glare, wind and dust and they’re super-clear and the lenses curve right round so you get a view, wider than the average. They work with Oakley’s organized row of lenses for changing light, the ear grips stay fast no matter how much you sweat and they come with nose pad options so you can customize them to your face.


For a good-value pair that will see you through sunlight and rain, Endura’s Chukars, with their three replaceable lenses, are a wise buy. If you want stronger sun protection and a fit that feels almost like you’re wearing nothing on your face, try Adidas Evil Eye Evo.

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