5 Of The Best Boots For Men

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5 Of The Best Boots For Men

There is no footwear quite like boots to make you feel like you’ve worked a hard day’s slow walk. Even if your day has consisted of lounging, a good pair of boots will make you look like you’ve been out and about making things happen. Finding the right pair for you can be a challenge. Some styles are too rugged and masculine for your personality, others too difficult to notice for your clothing that’s full of ‘statement pieces’.

Unlike many other shoe styles, good boots are meant to last. They can stand up to the mistreatment of being worn every day throughout winter and look all the better for it. So it makes sense to invest in a respectable boot brand. This is your guide to the best boots for men you need to know today.

  1. Crockett and Jones

Like so many brands on this list, Crockett and Jones come from Northampton in the UK. Also like many of the best brands, they are still making a range of boots by hand. For a style that will impress, have a look at the brand’s Islay boot. It’s a full Irish accent derby boot that manages to marry the rugged nature of a boot with the detailed rich beauty of an Irish accent.

how to style Brogue Boot




  1. Church’s

Here is a brand that has managed to reinvent itself throughout the years and remain relevant. Church’s today make a hugely wide range of shoe styles. But, as with so many boots, it is the style that pays respectful and honor-filled message to the brand’s history that is clearly best. Church’s Shanghai style defined men’s fashion in 1929. Today, it’s still a bold choice of shoe that works well in a semi-formal setting.






  1. Wolverine

The Wolverine 1000 mile range is full of character. The higher heel and aged leather make for a boot that is fun and functional. Pull on a pair of Wolverines and you feel like the hardest working man around. The 1000 mile shoe has its roots in the early 1900s and got its name from a guarantee that they will give you a thousand miles of wear.


  1. Clarks Originals Desert Boot

In 1941 one half of the Clarks brothers, sent out and used in Burma, saw soldiers were sourcing crepe, suede boots from shoemakers in Cairo to wear in their downtime. As it welcomed other choices to their restricting and uncomfortable army issue footwear, these boots were unlined, allowing feet to breathe. The upper is lightweight because it is made out of only two pieces of suede. The crepe only is a shock absorber on the rough desert land. Nathan Clark returned to England with designs based on the simple boot, then went to Chicago and became a hit. With the likes of Jimmy Barrel-maker, Steve McQueen and Liam Gallagher behind it, the desert boot has become a footwear staple over the past 80 or so years and continues to make waves today.

The first design of the boot has barely changed since its beginning and for its forever and the desert boot is up there as one of the best boots for men around.




  1. Tricker’s

Practical, strong and rich and beautiful, three words at the center of Tricker’s boot design principles. The brand’s country range reinforces these ways of principles while looking unlike any other. Tricker’s approach to manufacturing screams tradition, so each shoe feels unique as if it’s handmade, just for you. You get the feeling that very few brands make a product like this anymore.




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